Aufruf Mudi-Kalender 2021!

Es ist wieder soweit, die große Mach-mit-Aktion für den nächsten Kalender ist gestartet: 

Das Jahr 2021 soll unter dem Motto „Mudi und Kind“ stehen!

Dazu könnt ihr folgende Bilder einschicken: Mudis mit Kind / Kindern bis zu 6 Jahren alt! Die Mudis müssen reinrassig und die Aufnahmen im Freien sein. Bitte keine unruhigen störende Hintergründe, die nicht zur Thematik passen. Agility-Parcours gerne, auch Szenen im Spiel oder anderem Sport miteinander.

Kurz: Lebendige, aktive Fotos von Mudis mit Kindern in allen Jahreszeit 😉

Die Fotos (max. 10 pro Person) im Format min. 1600×1200 Pixels, sendet ihr bitte bis zum 13. September 2020 an

Hier noch mal der Text auf Englisch:

We are happy to announce that following previous years’ tradition we are planning to hold a Mudi Photo Competition in preparation for the 2021 Mudi Calendar. The 2021 calendar will have a similar format as the one in 2020. This time, the theme is “the mudi and the child”. The photos may feature children less than 6 years of age. You can also send photos of mudis without children – let the votes decide whether it is selected for the Calendar.
We’re calling on all fanciers of the breed in Hungary and worldwide, to send us your best mudi photographs for the competition. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us to share in our passion for this breed, so feel free to send up to 10 pictures that you think best capture the spirit of mudi and would also be enjoyable by others for a whole month.
Entry rules:
I. Theme
1. We invite you to send us photos with mudi(s) in focus. Just like earlier, this year we also intend to show how agile and active mudis are, so we would highly welcome photos of mudis on the move. However, pictures featuring motionless mudis will have an equal chance during voting. It does not matter how much the mudi in the picture meets the standard, but it must be a purebred mudi. The photos should not feature any other breed besides mudis. Except for less than 6-year old children, no humans in the photographs, please (though e.g., a traditionally dressed shepherd may be excepted). Photos of dogs in harness will be automatically rejected.
2. Please only send photos taken outdoors, in a clean and pleasant environment (ruinous, unkempt buildings, walls, chewed ball, garbage heap, etc. are not accepted). Agility obstacles and pleasant-looking toys are allowed. As we cannot list all rejected elements, in the case of a dispute, the vote of the evaluation panel will decide. We would be glad to see winter photos so that we can illustrate winter activities as well.
3. Please do not send a series of photos having identical themes or similar composition, because only one of them may be selected for voting, regardless of whether the others meet the competition criteria.
4. If the photo was taken by another photographer, please obtain the consent of the author before its submittal, otherwise it will be rejected.
5. As the calendar is published by Mudi Rescue, we would highly appreciate photos of rescued mudis.
II. Technical details:
1. Anyone may enter the competition, regardless of their citizenship, however, each photographer may compete with a maximum of 10 (ten) photos – including those sent in by others.
2. Submit only digital pictures with high resolution (minimum 1600×1200 pixels, but if the photo needs cropping, preferably higher) suitable for print processing. The same degree of resolution applies to cropped versions.
3. Preferably, the dog’s ears, tail and nose should also be seen in the picture. We only accept photos not featuring the entire body of a dog if this does not interfere with the overall impression of the photo, in the opinion of the evaluation panel.
4. Your e-mail must indicate the complete registered name of the dogs in the picture (for rescued dogs, the call name will suffice) as well as the name of the photographer. The photo must not feature any text, logo, date, etc. All photos where the names of the dog(s) and the photographer are not identified will be rejected.
5. Only photos in a landscape (horizontal) format are accepted, unless the theme allows cropping and re-arrangement of the portrait (vertical) pictures in a landscape format.
III. Other information:
1. The receipt of each photo will be confirmed in a message.
2. We are sorry but pictures not meeting the above quality criteria cannot be considered for voting and will be rejected. At the same time, you may repeatedly submit a photo that has not yet been voted into previous Mudi Calendars.
3. All photos entered will be posted on the Internet without signature, but – in order to avoid unauthorised use that had occurred in the previous years – with the logo of Mudi Rescue during the time of voting. No remuneration or reward is given for the photos voted into and published in the calendar, except for indicating the name of the photographer.
4. Entrants accept all these conditions by sending in their photos and also acknowledge their responsibility for the copyrights of the pictures entered.
Please send your photos to the following address:
Deadline for arrival: midnight, 13 September 2020.
Please send in your photos at your earliest convenience so they can be posted for voting as soon as possible.
Please send the list of the selected photos to the following e-mail address: by midnight, 27 September 2020 at the latest.
Anybody is eligible to vote; however, the vote is only valid if the list indicates the serial numbers of 13 photos (preferably in ascending order) and the choice for front cover picture is marked.
We request couples, families, friends and so on, to vote individually, as we can’t accept completely identical or clearly “cloned” lists. When voting, please do not decide based on the dog, the photographer or the breeder, instead, choose the photo that you really want to see in the calendar,
Please honour our work by indicating your name when casting your vote.
The calendar will feature the 13 highest vote-getters. The cover picture will be the one of the 13 calendar photos which got the highest number of votes as a „cover picture“. If there is a tie of votes, the evaluation panel will decide. As there are three spots for winter photos, only the three most popular ones will be published in the calendar. If there is no winter photo among the top 13 pictures, the one that received the highest number of votes will win, provided that it has ranked among the first 20 in the overall competition. The photo of a rescued mudi with the highest number of votes will definitely be featured in the calendar if its quality allows print processing.
For the sake of variety, the calendar will feature two mudis from the same kennel, and each mudi may only have one spot. If two very similar photos collect enough votes to be published in the calendar, we retain the right to accept only one of them.